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Any innovation without critical thinking is just a toy.

Innovation in and of itself is not enough. It has to work. And it has to work smart.

So as we explore, these are the kinds of questions we ask ourselves:

Will the new process we’ve envisioned make us more responsive to our clients? Can this technology really improve productivity—or will it fail in the long term? Will this idea help our clients to forecast, or is there something even better?

Even better: that’s where this continuous discovery takes us. Here are the results of our scrutiny.

Demand-Driven Forecasting

This is an area in which competitors give lip service. Armed with painstaking planning and daily intelligence, our clients can make competitively accurate decisions in order management and replenishment. Many years of hard data is recalculated, refined, and tested yet again to provide critical insights before each growing season—and just as important—during each growing season.

RFID Tracking

One of many reasons why our clients enjoy the best distribution system possible is through this adapted technology; through it, shipping information is tracked down to the individual cart. With RFID, troubleshooting and accuracy are infinitely improved.


This order replenishment software was developed at ColorPoint to give clients: 1) the freshest plants; 2) optimum quantity; 3) maximum sales; 4) less shrink, and 5) greater flexibility. OrderWrite manages all facets of replenishment; and, it allows garden supervisors and staff to spend more time with their customers and less time at their desks.

In-House Diagnostics and Biological Control Agents.

Rather than react to common viruses that bring cumulative issues, ColorPoint can prevent most of them. Our Head Growers stay abreast of testing methodologies as they are developed—and use them systematically.

ColorPoint clients receive healthy plants with environmental cognizance in yet other ways. Conventional pesticides are minimized through the use of beneficial nematodes. In fact, several nematode categories are bred in our facility to ensure maximum strength and efficacy.

MPS (Sustainable Quality) Certification

ColorPoint’s voluntary participation in this program shows our clients—and their consumers—that it is serious about environmental responsibility. An international sustainability program, MPS tracks use of water, fertilizer, crop protection agents, energy, and more. The resulting data is a remarkable way to measure sustainability efforts.

Fully Self-Contained, Recycled Water

Plants in over 5,000,000 square feet of contained greenhouse space consume thousands of gallons of water per day. Thanks to fully operable, water-collecting glass roofs, boom & ebb and flood irrigation, computerized environmental controls and other inventive measures, ColorPoint facilities are environmentally friendly. And cost-effective.