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Please note: Fundraiser Poinsettias will not be available this year.

Innovation That Works Smarter

Vetted solutions include demand-driven forecasting, real-time location service, trademarked replenishment software, RFID asset tracking, and many others.

Over 5,100,000 Square Feet of Greenhouse Space

With three Midwestern and South Central environmentally controlled facilities, plus 3 distribution centers, Color Point is the 8th largest greenhouse in the U.S.

Being Growers We Proudly Give Back

Color Point grows responsibly with biological control agents, an MPS (sustainability) certification, facility/client plastic recycling systems and water recycling.

Neonics by 2017

8th largest greenhouse in the U.S.

Color Point is 99% rainwater dependent and recycles 100%

Number of retailers where you can buy our plants

pink red petunias

About our facilities…



RFID and GPS Systems

Customers can track shipments from facility to store



OrderWrite™ Replenishment Analysis Software

Gives customers the freshest plants, optimum quantity, maximum sales



Distribution Equipment Investments

Truck ownership, 350,000 square feet of shipping barns and tracking systems streamline delivery

Water Dianthus








Mechanized + Robotic Production Systems

 Maximizes capacity and efficiency



Computerized Environmental Controls

Operable glass roofs and heated floors maintain temperature and humidity



Boom and Ebb + Flood Irrigation

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective