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ColorPoint Hires New Director of Marketing and Communications

ColorPoint Hires New Director of Marketing and Communications

New Department Signals Growth of Company and of Industry

Paris, KY (January 12, 2016): Following a climb from the 74th ranked greenhouse grower to the nation’s 8th largest grower, ColorPoint leads a maturing business sector by creating a new department of Marketing and Communications. After a deliberative search, Naomi L. Maloney was selected as its Director. Ms. Maloney has 20 years of experience working with many national companies including Williams-Sonoma, Audi of North America, Delta Dental, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

The move underscores the value of disciplined outreach in what can be a traditional industry. “We are investing in a department,” said Ken VanWingerden, co-owner of ColorPoint. “A dedicated marketing communications team will create tangible results for our business partners and better communications for our employees.” ColorPoint’s 2014 purchase of Mid-American Growers and the merging of two companies was also impetus for this new department.

ColorPoint favors a structured approach to growth as a commitment to its clients: Lowe’s, Aldi, and Sam’s Club are among them. Said VanWingerden, “Ms. Maloney is dedicated to our mutual success.”

About Color Point: The nation’s 8th largest greenhouse company and one of the industry’s fastest- growing, ColorPoint supplies major retail outlets throughout the U.S. Producing annual bedding plants and seasonal potted plants, it owns a combined 5,010,000 square feet of environmentally controlled facilities. Innovations include RFID logistical technologies, environmentally sustainable facilities, and a trademarked replenishment system. Operations are based in Paris, Kentucky and Granville, Illinois.