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ColorPoint Seeks An MPS Certification (And Why It’s Important)

ColorPoint Seeks An MPS Certification (And Why It’s Important)

MPS is an international environmental sustainability initiative that offers growers a way to show they are growing responsibly. It started in 1993 as an environmental project for Bloemenveiling Hall Westland, a Dutch Flower Auction, in Naaldwijk, Holland and has since grown worldwide.

The MPS certification system tracks grower usage of water, fertilizer, energy used for heating, crop protection agents, etc.; growers earn grades based on each of these inputs. The more environmentally friendly the inputs, the better the grade. Grades are then compiled to reach a final overall grade on a scale from A-C. Over time, this grade can improve by making more environmentally conscience growing decisions to ultimately achieve an MPS-A rating.

MPS is not a governmental organization and participation is completely voluntary. Those seeking MPS certification are conscious that today’s consumers are becoming more environmentally minded in their purchasing decisions. As we go forward with MPS, it challenges ColorPoint growers to think of better ways, more responsible ways, to achieve growing objectives.

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