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European Origins

A 70-Acre Facility–Imported From Holland.

To grow the world’s best orchids, you build the world’s finest production facilities. This European-based practice treats plants the same way nature would herself (with perhaps a little more efficiency). So to support environmental consciousness and nature, Color Point’s control systems monitor temperature and humidity, lighting, CO2 levels, ventilation, water temperature, and EC and PH levels. Other key features are:

  • Computerized controls
  • Energy efficient curtains
  • Operable glass roofs
  • Mechanized and robotic production
  • Germination seed growth chambers
  • Overhead booms/ebb and flow irrigation methods
  • Soil mixing rooms
  • Rolling table systems
  • Wood boilers fueled by reclaimed wood
  • Rainwater collectors
  • In-floor radiant heat
  • Shipping onveyor belt systems
  • Overhead hanging basket systems

All water used for plants is 100% recycled and reused. In fact, runoff from glass roofs generate 1,000,000 gallons of water for every 1 inch of rain. Boilers provide up to 95% of heat (using wood-chips from fallen, damaged, or dead trees) and as a facility that fares Midwest winters, this was an extremely positive environmental move. Since their installation in 2008, boilers have helped Color Point to reduce dependence on natural gas, leaving a much smaller carbon footprint. Through a biological pest control program, pesticide use has been greatly reduced; natural mechanisms now fend off insects, weeds, and diseases. And nearly all plastic and cardboard used in production and distribution are recycled.