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Exotic. And Strong.

Young plants from Holland to 60 weeks at ColorPoint:
The growing of a gifted orchid.


Your first impression of our orchid greenhouse, after taking in its expanse and beauty, will probably be the marked consistency in every orchid. In fact, if it seems as if they’re all the same plant multiplied, in a sense they are: each orchid are clones of exclusively grown tissue from culture labs in Holland and Germany. Height, color, flower count and more importantly, health, are uniform.

It’s this “culture of care” if you will, that promotes longevity in the store—and in the home: an exotic feature of every ColorPoint orchid.

    • The variety mix is bred to promote consistency in flower count and flower size.
    • Bred in over 50 varieties, including vibrant whites, purples, pinks, yellows, salmons and bi-colors.
    • Interestingly, orchids nurtured in cooler temperatures will outperform softer plants grown in warmer climates. Which is why ColorPoint orchids are brought to their flowering stage at precisely 70 degrees during the day and 63 degrees at night, year round.

Tender orchid plants arrive from Holland at week 25.

To duplicate the most natural and health-supportive weather pattern, these young orchids are introduced to a climate controlled environment.

Did you know that in nature, orchids grow on trees?

So here, they’re provided wood chips instead of soil and planted in clear, rather than opaque vases. Wood chips provide natural nutrients while the vases allow roots to receive ample light.

Healthy leaves=healthy plants.

While clear vases produce stronger orchids, their design also permits tighter spacing. This makes watering more effective, efficient, and environmentally conscious.

For the next 40 weeks, orchids simply enjoy the sun.

So they can focus their energy into growing strong, plants will remain untouched for the next 20 weeks. Sun, water, and 82 degree temperatures are all they need.

Now, orchids are coaxed into growing strong stems.

Around week 20-25, the orchids are moved from warmth to a much cooler 65-degree greenhouse. This temperature change not only signals the orchids to grow multiple stems, it channels nutrients into producing more flowers per stem.

Growing orchids need support.

At about 35 weeks, each stem will be gently clipped to slender stakes so that the stems can stand tall.

Trained hands (and eyes) come into play.

As each plant is sorted by color and stem count, it is also graded. Very specific criteria determines whether or not the orchids are of ColorPoint quality.

It’s all beautiful from here.

After sorting, orchids return to the greenhouse to bloom and grow for another 10 weeks are so.

A protective wrap and gorgeous pot are now all they need.

Notice the height consistency and high flower counts? These orchids are Mother’s Day ready.

They will leave as overprotected as they arrived.

Each orchid is lowered and nestled into its spot within a protective box. Heat blocks or EthylBloc™ sachets protect air and temperature quality. They’re now about a day or two from public admiration.