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Plant Type

L. montevidensis, L. camara

For an eye catching and easy care “thriller”, look no further than the dracaena spike. This tropical-looking grass stands tall not only in planters, but in any garden location with full or partial sunshine. Spikes compliment and add contrast to cascading or mounding annual plants from all seasons and their high tolerance for drought makes them a welcome addition for the novice gardener. Green is the most common color, particularly in planters, but dracaenas come in a variety of hues: some patterns boast sword-like spikes that run the length. The average dracaena spike size is about 2 feet in planters and pots, but they can eventually reach tree size.

Sizes 1 Pint
Availability April-May


Water Soil should be semi-dry and well drained
Light Full to partial sun
Temperature Above 55 degrees