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L. montevidensis, L. camara

Those hot, baked areas in the garden may seem like a lost cause, but not for lantana! They thrive in intense sun and tolerate less than ideal soil. A native to tropical America, lantanas like salt: a great plant choice for gardeners who live near the beach. Brightly colored two inch clusters characterize the lantana’s flower which varies in color from orange, yellow, red, white and purple and deepens in intensity as the plant matures. The foliage is rough to the touch and has a very pungent, almost citrus scent. Whether it’s the trailing, spreading, or shrubby variety, lantana is easy to grow in planters, in the ground, outside, or indoors. As long as it has lots of sunshine, the lantana will bloom with bright color throughout summer and fall.

Sizes 1 Pint, 1.56 Pint, 1 Quart, 2.5 Quart, 1.5 Gallon
Availability April-June


Water One inch per week, keep soil well drained
Light Full sun
Temperature Hardy at 30 degrees