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Plant Type

Antirrhinum majus

For a snap of color in early spring, snapdragons are the perfect choice. Their name comes from a resemblance to a “dragon’s mouth” when the flower is pressed lightly on its side. These flower openings are “snapped” tightly shut–too tight for a small honeybee to penetrate–so snapdragons rely on heavier bumblebees for pollination. Hardy like the pansy, snapdragons handle frost well, making these annuals a good pair to plant together. Snapdragons grow in tall spikes in a wide variety of colors, with blooms starting mid-base and full to the top. Rich green leaves spiral the flower stem. Varying heights of 3 feet to 6 inches mean snapdragons are great as borders or as accents to other bedding plants and shrubbery.

Sizes 1 Pint, 1.25 Quart, 1.5 Gallon, 6 Pack
Availability March-April


Water Soil should be moist
Light Full sun to part shade
Temperature Thrives from nighttime low 40s to daytime low 70s