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ColorPoint Now

How is it possible to stay ahead of tomorrow?

Fifty years ago, it wasn’t possible to predict the arrival of horticultural products in national retail stores. But the family business was nimble enough to strengthen its efficiencies and grow to scale. Who knew that greenhouses could become even greener? Yet today, we’re up to 99% rainwater dependent, breed some of our own biological control agents, and are nearly neonic free.

It’s been just in the last dozen years that we’ve carried computers in our pockets. But in that time, we’ve developed our own industry specific replenishment software among other innovations.

The best way to stay ahead, we think, is to not compare ourselves to others, but to question ourselves as to what we can do better. This culture of ‘questioning’ is something we try to cultivate and to share with everyone in the company. We’re fortunate to have people who are self-accountable and driven; we’re just as lucky to attract others with like minds. As ColorPoint grows, it will be this common denominator that moves us forward.

ColorPoint turns promises into practices.

In this business you’re only as good as your last season, and if last season was great—well—the bar just got higher. Sustaining that momentum would be difficult without innovative tools at our disposal and people who demand a great deal of themselves. Here are some ways we stay accountable: 1) demand-driven forecasting continues every day of the season; 2) replenishment systems are data-driven; 3) weather is analyzed market-by-market down to the day parts; 4) greenhouse allocation keeps production flexible; 5) our sales staff builds good client relationships; 6) our office support is responsive, and 5) we grow amazingly beautiful products.